FEP is a non-profit organization that goes all the way back to 1994, the year in which it first realized its basic manifestation as the Festival of ecological theater for children and youth. Apart from its core activity, which is the purpose of its existence, it participates in the creation and realization of a handful of local, regional, and international projects within the spheres of culture, art and ecology.

FEP is a unique cultural artistcic manifestation because:
• In a town without a theater it is a sole fighter for the systematic nurture of culture.
• It encourages the youth to participate in activism in the local community
• It encourages creativity and love of art and creation in general
• It develops an awareness of the significance and the protection of the environment in the early periods of growing up.
• It maintains and cherishes the family as a social unit
• It independently and voluntarily includes the youth into the realization of the project itself, and affirms them positively.
It is the recipient of many prestigeous awards:
• From 2003. The Festival has been listed in the order of manifestations of higher provincial significance by the Secreteriat for Education and Culture.
• 2005. Received the first Green leaf award in the municipality of Bačka Palanka.
• 2012. Recipient of the October award in the municipality of Bačka Palanka.


Located in a town without theater, we are a festival that tries to remediate that critical problem in a traditional way. This is a unique opportunity for children to see quality plays (ecologically themed) of renowned professional theaters from the country and abroad.
They can also take part in work and creation of dozens of creative workshops (puppetry, drama, fine art, old crafts, film, ecology…).
The festival is, above all, a manifestation with a long tradition. The mission is to strengthen the family. The program is designed for the whole family to visit or participate in the festival’s activities together.

Special Significance of the Festival

• It animates over 200 volunteers ( from Bačka Palanka, Serbia and the surrounding countires)
• Thanks to the festival, our volunteers have travelled to attend lectures, seminars and trainings in various cities in Serbia and Europe on the subject of ecology, tolerance, multiculturalism, team work, writing and designing of projects, youth leadership, peer mediation etc.
• Each year artists from all parts of the world attend the festival (Japan, Great Britain, Ukraine...) which makes it internationally significant
• FEP is the only theater event in the world that is being held in a town without an actual theater.


1. From 1995 until today, Festival of Ecological Theater for Children and Youth has been held yearly.
2. 2001. Project ‘New life impulses’ the charity of crafting and selling new years’ greeting cards made by a girl without an arm, with all the resources going into procurement of arm prosthetics.
3. 2002. Project ‘Get started and Get Going’ Participation of youth in the life of local community- CRS foundation
4. 2003 – 2013 the total of 10 international projects with the youth from former Yugoslavian Republics, ‘Calm Sea’ – ‘Friendensflotte’ , Ostereich
5. 2005 Project of transboundary cooperation Bačka Palanka ( Serbia)- Ilok ( Croatia) in collaborative efforts with CRS foundation
6. 2006-2013 ‘Multiplication- to live tolerantly’ in collaboration with ‘Pestalozzi foundation’ Switzerland
7. 2009. ‘With campaign against addiction’ Ministry of Health RS.
8. 2009. ‘Let’s move and move along’ Ministry of Youth and Sports RS.
9. 2010. ‘I, too, have purpose!’ The restoring of a monument in the Nature Reserve ‘Tikvara’, Bačka Palanka. Regional volunteer project in collaboration with Erste bank.
10. 2013. ‘Death of Culture’, artistic research project in collaboration with Bekstrim association, under the patronage of Trag foundation.
11. ‘Our thing – connect’, Teslic (B&H), Jelax (B&H), Bačka Palanka, project supported by the Schüler Helfen Leben foundation.
12. 2016. ‘Europe, a way of life’ project that bounds four organizations from four different countries together (Hungary, Serbia, Spain, France), with the goal of multicultural exchange. The project is supported by Erasmus foundation.
13. 2017. A play for children 'Blue Bird', by Maurice Maeterlinck, in coproduction with the Sombor National Theater and the Center for Circus arts development t ‘Ludifiko’ (premiered 14th June, 2017).