COMPETITION for participation in

Backa Palanka, Serbia
17th-20th of August, 2017.

performing artists, lovers and admirers of children’s theater alike. We would love to announce, with great pride, that the Festival of Ecological Theater for Children and Youth is writing out a contest for participation in our 23rd Festival, held August 17 thru 20, 2017 in Backa Palanka. We are writing to invite all professional theaters for children and youth to send their applications and take part in the 23rd Festival.


• Are intended exclusively for children of preschool and elementary school age
• Are carried out by professionals
• Utilize any form of theatrical expression for children (plays, puppet shows, choreodrama, shadow theater, musicle, monodrama, duodrama…)
• Deal with ecology or are thematically related to this years’ slogan: ‘With my big closed eyes.’
• Can be adjusted to outdoors performance (open scene)

Deadline for all applications is May 15th 2017!

For all further questions and application errors feel free to contact us via email

All applications exceeding our deadline, as well as those that are incomplete will be deemed invalid. In cases of both, invalid and successful applications, you will be notified via email no later than 10 days after their reception. You will be informed, in the same way, of the status of your application as well as the continuation of the selection period. No given material will be returned and will, remaining in the Festival’s archive, be used solely for selection and program promotion purposes (program leaflet, poster, website, social networking).


The selection begins with the analysis of applications submitted either electronically or via mail. Ensuing is the selection of the plays to be reviewed by our selector, followed by the discussion with our theater organizers on the specifics of time and place of the performance. After all the plays have been performed the selector will choose those ( between 5 and 10) that will proceed to be in the competition program of the 23rd Festival of Ecological Theater for Children and Youth.

The key criteria for the play selection is their artistic quality as well as their ability to be performed in the technical conditions of the Festival. The quality and the performability of the plays will be decided by the festival’s selector, Vladislava Vojnovic. The selection must be resumed no later than 70 days before the beginning of the festival, or by the 8th of June 2017, to be exact.

All participants will be notified, via mail and email, of the selection results, which will also be made available on the Festival’s website ( ) by June 15th 2017.

• Expert commission’s award (50.000,00 RSD and a plaquette)
• Children commission’s award (plaquette)
• Audience commission’s award (plaquette)

Decision about the expert commission’s award will be made by a three-member panel consisting of:
- Acclaimed performing artists,
- Pedagogues (those holding rewards and recognition for their work with children),
- Ecologists and environmentalists

Names of our expert commission members will be subsequently announced.

Decision about the children commission’s award will be made by a seven-member jury consisting of children with special affinity for performing arts, aged 4-14. The mentor of children’s jury is a teacher.

Decision about the audience commission’s award will be decided through evaluation of the play on the scale of 1 to 5, as well as emotions scale for those younger than 5.

In accordance with the capabilities of the Festival’s organizers, the expenses of transport to Backa Palanka and back will be covered by the participants themselves, while the expenses of local transport, accommodation, food and technical support will be covered by the Festival’s organization.

Festival of Ecological Theater for Children and Youth is a non-profit and humanitarian organization and the entry to all events is therefore free and accessible to everyone.



Born in Bela Crkva in Banat, 24th of July, 1965. Completed her secondary education specializing in journalism (XII Belgrade Gymnasium,), failed the Dramaturgy entrance exam and studied Sociology for a year (Faculty of Philosophy, 1985), passed Dramaturgy entrance exam and graduated (Faculty of Dramatic Arts, 1989), completed specialist studies in Culture and gender (AAOM,2001). Published three poetry collections: Ženske junačke pesme 2002 (Female Heroic Poems), Lovac na grinje 2007 (The Mite Hunter), and PeeMeSme 2010(PMS Poetry) (received the 'Biljana Jovanovic' award from Serbian literary society), and with any luck there will be a fourth one, named Love colder than death; published three children's books: Princ od papira (The Paper Prince) from 2008 (awards: Dositejevo pero and Zmajeve decije igre, adapted it into a full-length children's film of the same name that gained her 13 international awards), Priče iz glave 2015 (A Headful of Stories), Avram, Bogdan vodu gaze (Avram, Bogdan Thread the Water) 2016 (awarded by Zmajeve decije igre and Politikin zabavnik); Published two novels: Lenjinova desnica (Lenin's right arm) 2010 and Kozje uši (Goa's Ears) 2013 (awards: Miroslav Dereta and Stevan Sremac, adapted into a full-length film as well as a TV show). Wrote and published three children's plays: Deca Ere Kompjutera (Children of the Computer Era) ( -she's not illiterate so as to have all capitals in the headline - Computer Era is actually the name of an Informatics professor from Uzice); Kolumbovo jaje (Columbo's Egg)and Šef, šefica (Manager and Manageress) are being performed in Ljubljana; collaborated on various stage and radio dramas, and even written a few herself. She wrote, and still writes, scripts, screenplays, essays, film critiques, interviews and various other texts, works in film and TV production, was an editor here and there as well as an educator; she's a member of SKD (Serbian Literary Society), Association of Film Artists of Serbia, Association of Playwrights of Serbia, has a husband, daughter, cats, lives in Zemun... Knows that there is no sense in short biography being long and therefore ends it here.


SELECTOR: Alas! What should that letter look like?
ORGANIZER: It can look however you want it to, a novel or haiku poetry, so long as it says something or asks or thinks or declares or disagrees or hopes.
SELECTOR: Haiku will do,
The novel is way too long,
ORGANIZER: Vladislava!
SELECTOR: Well, what, the syllables are there- 5-7-5.
ORGANIZER: Remember it should say something?
SELECTOR: Very well, very well, say the letter says that we are hoping for plays for children and youth where the authors have worked hard to, in the conditions as they are…
No, no - we won’t say what the conditions are like, that is sad and bad and we could all give up on everything…
No, say that, the authors have, regardless of the struggles, decided to - with their writing, directing, acting, movement, music, lighting, improvisation - touch the young audiences and shake them.
Gently, but enough to paint a picture that did not, just a moment ago, exist there, behind those big closed eyes.
I ask the authors to be aware of the fact that their audience is not from a different planet but, in fact, made of Earthlings of flesh and bone, with problems that we all face, only incapable of taking matters into their own hands because, as you remember, authors, the conventional world often treats you as though you are stupid, just because you’re young.
Not only that but we are talking about the owners of bodies and souls going through emotionally truly turbulent periods where you’re only starting to realize something, but everything changes within you and on you and around you; you only gain someone or something for it to immediately change or disappear or shape shift; you only carry out a request to have something new requested of you again.
So much is being polluted by a variety of litter, neglect, hurry, selfishness, poverty, antibiotics, spamming, trolling- overall poisoning of body and soul, one of the main characteristics of so called post-industrial society.
So, we are looking for plays that are ecological because they are protecting from something ugly, at least for their own duration in real time, and if one of them happens to hit the center for imagination and creativity in the audience and initiates its continuous self-sustainable glow- that would be it!
SELECTOR: What about ask? You said it should ask.
ORGANIZER: I said ‘or’. Or it should ask. It doesn’t have to ask as well.
SELECTOR: No matter, let it ask.
ORGANIZER: Fine, let it ask.
SELECTOR: Ask what?
ORGANIZER: Vladislava…!
SELECTOR: Let it ask whether authors can, without anger, answer a potential question of the viewer: ‘Why should I watch this instead of going somewhere for an ice-cream or to play a video game?’
ORGANIZER: Let’s do them all then: let it think?
SELECTOR: The letter thinks that the festival is phenomenally conceived.
SELECTOR: I, the letter, with sound keyboard and contractual screen, hereby declare that this way of organizing the festival of theatre for children and youth is currently the one and only way for us not to turn into zombies.
ORGANIZER: To disagree?
SELECTOR: The letter disagrees with the practice in which a person, of whatever age, doesn’t supposedly need what’s not given to them, not even knowing about the existence of that which is not given- because it is not given.
SELECTOR: The letter hopes it didn’t bore its reader to death, causing them to run away someplace for ice-cream or video games.