COMPETITION for participation in the
“Maštu na vlast!”

Bačka Palanka, Serbia 8
23 – 26th of August 201

The Festival of Ecological Theater for Children and Youth announces hereby open competition for taking part in 24th Festival that will take place from the 23rd to the 26th of August 2018, in Bačka Palanka, Serbia.
All Theaters are welcome to send their applications for open competition, and take part in the 24th Festival with their plays/performances.

•Plays must be intended for children audiences of pre-school and younger age;
•Plays must be performed by professionals;
•Every type of theatrical performance is eligible (puppet show, acting show, choreodramas, theater of shadows, musical, monodrama, duodrama...);
•Plays should be about following themes: protection of environment, ecology and ecology of the spirit

Complete the application form (LINK) with attached required supporting documentation/material:
1.Video record of the performance (DVD, CD, or a download link)
2.Two photographs of the play (file size per JPEG: more than 1500 x 2100 pixels):
or via post-mail:
Festival ekološkog pozorišta za decu i mlade
Ulica 20. oktobra br. 70
21400 Bačka Palanka

All entries must be submitted no later than March 31, 2018!

Incomplete applications or applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. All applicants will be informed about the submission approval, no longer than 10 days after receiving your application. You will be notified about your application status, and continuation of selection. Supporting documentation/material will not be returned, but kept in Festival’s archive, and will be used only in purposes of selection and promotion of Festival’s program (program book, posters, site, social networks).


Selection process consists of two rounds of selection. It starts with an analysis of received applications. The Festival Selector will review the submissions and select the plays to be watched in the following period. If selected, you will be contacted by The Festival Selector to schedule the time and place of performing your play. The Selector, after watching all the plays, will select 5 to 10 plays that will take part in the competing program of 24th Festival of Ecological Theater for Children and Youth.
The main criteria for initial selection is the artistic quality, as well as technical requirements for the play (link to the festival’s scene layout). Quality of submitted plays, as well as possibilites for conducting them shall be assesed by the Festival’s selector, playwright TIJANA GRUMIĆ.
All parties will be informed about the preliminary results of selection, via e-mail and regular mail no later than May 7th, and the final results will be announced on Festival’s website ( no later than May 21st 2018.

• Professional jury award (50,000.00 RSD)
• Children jury award (plaque)
• Public award (plaque)

Three-member Professional jury consists of:
- Dramatic artists,
- pedagogues (specially awarded and known in their work with children),
- • ecologists.

Names of those members will be announced later.

Seven-member Children jury consists of children with extraordinary affinities for drama art, of age 4 to 14. Mentor of Children jury is a teacher.

Public award is achieved via the public voting on scale from 1 to 5, and on emotional scale for those younger than 5.

According to the possibilities of the Festival, participants will be paying their trip costs. Costs of local transportation, accommodation, food and technical support will be covered by the Festival.
The Festival is a non-profit organization, involved in humanitarian aid activities. Entrance to all of Festival’s content is free and open for everyone.


„I’m not old enough in order to say that I’ve been in the theater for a long time. However, this little experience that I have, unequivocally showed me that the most beautiful, most important and most sincere theater is the theater for children and youth. My short experience also showed me that it’s hard to work in a theater in conditions which (don’t) exist where we live. But I’m completely confident that the theater will easily survive with minimum resources, rather than with minimum imagination. I consider that the greatest responsibility is on us who create for children and youth, but we, in this case YOU – creators whose plays we eagerly wait for – face the greatest challenge. The most sincere and most open audience that I met in a theater were – children. Creating a play for them is a much bigger and more serious project than creating a play for us, adults, because it requires of us to be completely sincere – as to them, so to ourselves. If we do our jobs as we should, the ones we did it for will recognize the quality and emotion that will keep them in the theater long after their childhood, and that’s the only way for it (the theater) to survive. I’m aware that we often lack a lot of things in order to create, and no matter what, we still create, but don’t let yourself be lacking in imagination! I hope that this year also, we’ll have a chance to watch something on FEP, something that will jolt our minds and emotions, leave us breathless and lull us into the theater’s beauty. So – Power to the IMAGINATION, because it’s the only thing we expect!“

Tijana Grumić, playwright

Tijana Grumić was born on September 13th 1993 in Novi Sad. She graduated in 2016 from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade as a student of generation. In 2017, she finished master studies of dramaturgy on the same faculty, and she’s currently a student of doctoral art studies.

She began her professional engagement during her undergraduate studies and by now she worked on several theatrical projects as an author of drama texts, playwright and the director’s assistant. Tijana’s texts were performed in the DADOV youth theater (4 colors of 5 guns, This is The Worst Day of My Life, Oliver Twist, Donuts, Love and Some Other Stuff) and on the scene of UK Vuk Karadžić (Who Has Bread with Soup Anyway?). As a playwright, she worked in the National Theatre in Belgrade (The Kingdom of Darkness, director: Igor Vuk Torbica), National Theater in Sombor (Blue Bird, director: Sonja Petrović) and the Youth Theater in Novi Sad (Dear Yelena Sergeevna, director: Lana Pavkov), and she worked as an assistant director in Bitef Theater (It is Not Her Fault None of it is Her Fault, text: Vesna Perić, director: Anđelka Nikolić).

As a representative of FDU, she participated in an international project Terre Promesse which was organized by Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi in Milan (Italy), and this year she was elected as one of the twelve participants of a residential program Next Generation Workspace which is organized as a part of the festival of theater for children and youth Starcke Stucke in Frankfurt (Germany).

Tijana received a reward Josip Kulundžić (school year of 2014/15), which is granted by the Chair for dramaturgy to students of first to fourth year for achieved successes in the fields of theater, radio, film, television or critique. Her drama The Creation of Man was declared as one of the five best modern engaged drama texts in the Heartefact fond competition in 2016.

Besides working in the theater, Tijana has been working in the Petnica Science Center as an assistant in the program of social-humanistic sciences for a couple of years now. She lives and works in Belgrade.