Open proposals for workshops at Festival of Ecological Theatre for Children and Youth(FEP)

Workshops can take on a number of forms including but not limited to educative, creative or ecological.

The Festival will take place from 22nd untill 25th of August in Bačka Palanka, Serbia, following the theme "WITH HEART AND MAKESHIFT MIND".

All workshops are scheduled for morning sessions (10am - 12pm), but feel free to check with organizers the possibilities of time or duration change. Workshop duration can vary from one to three days. Workshop leaders and participants are expected to present their work together on the last day of the festival, as part of the closing ceremony. The presentation should be no longer then 10 minutes.

Festival is responsible for all materials supply. Please list all the materials needed and all technical requirements.

You can submit more than one workshop but pay attention to potential overlap. In this case, only one workshop will be selected. You will be notified by e-mail whether your application has been accepted within 15 days from the day of application submission.

Deadline for application is 1st of April, if you want applicate, visit this LINK.