Recycle or donate and secure your place at all plays at the 29th FEP!

In exchange for a ticket bring 20 bottle caps, or 10 pieces of PET packaging, or 10 glass bottles, or 10 tin cans, or donate 300 dinars.

In exchange for a ticket package collect a sack of PET packaging, a sack of tin cans, a sack of glass packaging and a bag of bottle caps.

The number of seats for all shows is limited, so we invite you to collect your tickets before the beginning of the Festival, from 14th to 23rd August, every workday in front of the Town cinema from 18:00 to 20:00, or, should any tickets remain, an hour before a show starts.

By recycling we protect our environment and teach our youngest ones about healthy styles of life, and at the 29th FEP by recycling WE DONATE! All income from recycling is going for humanitarian purposes.