Play for the youth
by Maurice Maeterlinck

It was made in a co-production between the Festival of Ecological Theater for Children and Youth, Circus Theater „Ludifico“ from Novi Sad and the Sombor National Theatre.

Premiered on: Wednesday, 06/14/2017

Director: Sonja Petrović

Costume design: Jasmina Radujko

Scenography: Erika Vujić

Music: Milan Delibašić

Adaptation: Tijana Grumić and Sonja Petrović

Dramaturgy: Tijana Grumić

Scene movement: Mira Dobrković Beba

Assistant director: Tijana Markovinović

Sound recording: Nikola Malogajski/p>

Lighting design: Nikola Marinkov


Tiltil - Miloš Lazić

Mitil - Katarina Bradonjić/Nadežda Jakovljević

Night/Light - Bojana Milanović

Cat - Tijana Marković

Dog - Nemanja Bakić

Fire - Vanja Nenadić

Water - Sonja Isailović

Honey - Djordje Živadinović

Milk - Grigorije Jakišić

Time - David Tasić Daf

Word from the director:

Moris Meterlink wanted to write a drama that will describe a spiritual life of a common man, and with the help of the imagination he succeeded without making the story look shallow and prosaic. That’s how „Blue bird“ story came to be, it is taking place in a young boy’s soul. This story is offering us the true values and advantages in a sense of everyday life, it contemplates happiness that is found in everyday little things.

Happiness that we feel when we are healthy
Happiness that we feel on fresh air
Happiness from love that we feel for our parents
Happiness that comes from the blue skies
Happiness that we feel being in a forest
Happiness that the spring presents
Happiness that we feel during sunsets
Happiness that we feel when stars come out
Happiness that we feel when rain falls
Happiness that we feel around fire during winter
Happiness from idle thoughts
Happiness from running through grass dew barefoot
Joy of righteousness
Joy of good will
Joy of understanding
Joy of watching something that is beautiful
Joy of love

This play affirms that the soul contains more fruitful, deeper and interesting areas from the areas of reasoning and intelligence. It touches the emotions and listens to the frequencies of loud silences, smells the scents of childhood, accepts the embraces of all families and unselfishly gives back love. From the need to abstractly give life, survive and soar, the „Blue bird“ soared. And that is why it should be looked upon freed, purified, without a speck of anticipation, prejudice and hopes. It should be taken to fill your voids and paint them blue. To let yourself go in a collective trance without a moment of rationalization and just feel the shapes and waves. Watch it through the eyes of a child, because it equally addresses to everyone, to kids and to those that want to go back in their childhood, and just for a moment be pure again. Every one of us came to this world with a mission, what is your mission?

I dedicate it to all the past and future Christmas mornings.

„Is happiness not far more distant than misery?
And is an eternal God not always present under the immutable light of our lamp?“

Maurice Maeterlinck

Sonja Petrović