One weekend before the last weekend of August (Thursday to Sunday)

At first glance at our local community, you can see a lack of adequate space in which culture would be nurtured and cultural events held. There is also a lack of institutions that consider this problem and act proactively towards it's solution. Artists, employees in field of culture and it's consumers are “thrown outside”. But – for more than two decades, systematically solving this problem, we strive to transform our disadvantages into our advantages. Because of that, this manifestation has become unique in the World, as the only theater festival held in a town without a theater. This Festival is a sole chance for children and youth to see good plays by theaters from our and from other countries, and to take part in a variety of creative workshops.

Although Bačka Palanka has no theater, fully functional cinema, nor museum, we have beautiful natural resources such as Natural Park Tikvara, Special Natural Preservation Bagremara, Danube and it's coast, it's marches and ponds. When you say „culture“, you also say „nature“, because we find those two words indivisible. Ecological importance of this Festival is not only in ecological topics which it works on, but also a fact that a whole festival is held in nature, healthy and ecological environment on coast of Danube. Every year, on same place, the Festival provides stage and equipment needed for performing plays, workshops and other programme, and also an accomodation and other logistics for guests and performers.

Festival is more popular from year to year, and it's programme is progressivly better, having participants from all over the world. Festival's syntesis between tradition and enthusiasm made it internationally important and recognized, which put it on the world festival map. But it never lost it's local and regional importance, because: