Theatre art is considered art of the moment (and no videos of theatre plays will convince us otherwise!)… This is why high-quality reporting from theatrical events is of extreme importance – partly for the purpose of creating an archive, partly for direct informing and enjoying during the festival. However, FEP’s bulletin is not purely made of usual festival materials (information about the content of the festival, interviews, critiques…). FEP’s bulletin transmits the unique experience of the festival, too. FEP’s bulletin can be read with pleasure even if you did not come to the festival, you can keep it, share it and borrow it to friends. Why? An important part of the bulletin are precisely columns of visiting writers. Everyday readers of the bulletin will be able to enjoy a couple of stories/journal-style and other types of recordings (maybe even horoscope and culinary recipes, who knows!) for various ages. Additionally, out theatre critiques are written in a language understandable to all, they’re competent and independent. Theatre critiques are a mandatory part of the festival’s bulletin, because, among other things, we want to compensate for the lack of interest of the established criticism for plays for children and youth, and therefore we have the great responsibility to give each individual play a benevolent, reasoned and informed critique. Next to the critiques, we also collect impressions of spectators of all ages, not only from the plays but also from numerous FEP’s workshops, as well as contents of the round tables. That way, the Bulletin is created not only by the team of writers of “Od malih nog(u)” (Since childhood) but also by all interested visitors and participants of the festivals.

The bulletin is realised with the help of regional platform for development and affirmation of theatre for children and youth OD MALIH NOGU.


Mina is a playwright and drama writer. She graduated from the Department of dramaturgy at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Behind her there are several professional theatrical projects, such dramaturgy of the play “At the Eternal Tap” for which she received Sterija award for dramaturgy. Two of her dramas have been published: “Pad Avale” (Avala Falls) (magazine Scena/FSP, bilingually) and “Nezaboravak, potočnica, zmijske oči” (Forget-me-not, scorpion grasses and snake eyes) (magazine Scena). She founded, edits and writes for the online magazine Iz Off-a ( which analyses dramatical arts. In scopes of the organisation OF Novi Sad she organised the first Female Authors Film Festival in Novi Sad. She is a member of the regional platform Od malih nog(u).


From day to day, through the sharp lens of Anja Šulc and idea of Nikola Novak you will be watching the atmosphere at FEP from the point of view of children and youth. FEP’s diaries are here to note down the programme, impressions, energy and FEP’s idea and transmit it through digital channels far enough so it can reach even those who are only close to us in heart.


Nikola Novak, born on 16th September 2003, went to Grammar school “20. Oktobar” in Bačka Palanka. He has volunteered for many organisations, as well as at the Festival of Ecological Theatre for Children and Youth. Now he is the coordinator of the volunteers at the Festival. He used to go to elementary music school, he plays the piano and sings in the church choir “Saint John the Baptist” in Bačka Palanka. From this year he is a student of Multimedia Directing at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.

Anja Šulc, born on 10th January 2003. Finished high school for design “Bogdan Šuput”, programme – technician of interior design and industrial products. She achieved excellent results throughout the four years of school. She completed a course in English language, which she speaks fluently. She completed a course in directing short films in film school “Fokus”. For years she has been volunteering at the Festival of Ecological Theatre for Children and Youth where she is now the coordinator of the creative team. From this year she is a student at the Department of Audiovisual Media at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.